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As former part of  the organisation of a big international conglomerate for Hofbrauhaus Wolters it was difficult to maintain our own identity and our own profile. Export activities of the past where stopped in favour of the large international brands.

Immediately after our independency and after Hofbrauhaus Wolters became a private brewery again we restarted our own international activities.

Only a few of the German breweries have the ability and the technology to achieve a suitable shelf-life and are capable to offer their beers to the international community in suitable packages.

All you needed for this step was there,  excellent beers of the highest quality, modern filling machines, flexibility and quick ways of decision making. All this combined with the right feeling for international markets and a wide range of experience of our export-management put us back on the track.

Honk if you see our truck in Midtown Manhattan


Available in Pilsener (11.2oz bottles 4/6,24/16.9oz cans and 20/16.9oz long neck bottles) Black Beer 24/16.9oz cans, Hefeweizen 24/16.9oz cans



Colbitzer Heide-Brauerei


Available in Pilsener 6/4pk 16.9oz cans, Schwartz Beer 24/16.9oz cans, Weizen 24/16.9oz cans